Whether you have previously worked with an agency, or are interested in exploring the opportunity of working with one … you will invariably have questions. McMahon Media Connections has the answers.

Q. What makes McMahon Media Connections different from other agencies?

A. There are four primary ways to distinguish MMC from the competition:

  1. We take your budget seriously and customize our services to ensure you receive no unwelcome surprises or unexpected expenses;
  2. Our team collaborates online, working from separate locations, which allows for both minimal overhead and maximum creativity;
  3. We are always available to discuss your business;
  4. We listen – really listen – to your thoughts, suggestions and goals. We study your business and methodically build up what is working for you and implement fresh ideas to continue that positive growth.

Q. Suppose I only want a single press release written, is that something McMahon Media Connections can handle?

A. Yes. No project is too small for MMC. Many of our long-standing clients began their relationship with MMC beginning with our writing and distributing a targeted press release. After they experienced the positive results from that release, as well as how effortless and affordable it was to work with us, those clients returned when it was time for them to consistently unearth new business.

Q. After you write the press release for us, what happens next?

A. Either you can distribute it … or we can. The choice is yours. Note that McMahon Media Connections is a highly visible and recognized agency with strong relationships with many members of the media. We are closely connected to editors, writers and bloggers of print and online newspapers and magazines. Those media links are constantly looking for new products, new businesses and new services to cover, and we take pleasure in providing them with your information.

Q. We are a new company with a limited budget, would McMahon Media Connections be able to put together a program for us?

A. Of course! MMC determines your immediate needs and goals and if we are confident we can help your business, we get to work to create a flexible program that keeps in mind your financial constraints.

Q. When working with McMahon Media Connections, what type of commitment do I have to make?

A. Financially, if yours is a simple job, then there is usually no binding contract to sign and no lengthy obligation. Our only request of all our clients is to be open and honest in terms of what you desire to accomplish. Since we are a relationship-based company, it is vital that the lines of communication between us be open and transparent. Very often, a client will hire a marketing firm, thinking that their job is done and that the firm can take it from there. To a point, that is true. But for the most part, it is vital that we work together as a team in order to gain the absolute best results from our efforts.

Q. We already have a website, but the content needs a total overhaul, is that something McMahon Media Connection can handle?

A. Absolutely. In fact, our web writers are skilled at including key words in all copy to help optimize your site among leading search engines. Plus, if your design needs to be more attractive or user-friendly, MMC can take care of that, as well.

Q. Aside from PR, I would like to run ads in various newspapers and maybe magazines, how would that work?

A. Under your guidance and creative direction McMahon Media Connections can write simple ad copy, as requested. However, we do not conceptualize or create advertising campaigns. Nor do we design or place ads in any form of print or online media. If you require an advertising agency to take care of those needs, we will be happy to supply you with a list of recommended agencies in your area.

Q. What are the billing policies for McMahon Media Connections?

A. When a contract is not necessary, payment in full for services to be rendered would be required upon assignment. For longer-term projects, an executed contract, together with a retainer is necessary. Thereafter, monthly invoices would be payable upon receipt. We accept checks (business and personal), PayPal, as well as most major credit cards.

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