Do-It-Yourself Marketing Doesn’t Pay!

It always amazes me how some small business owners continue to struggle with the idea of actually hiring a professional to take care of their marketing needs. These are the entrepreneurs who had vision enough to start their business, but want to do everything and have their hands in everything themselves, even though they haven’t a clue as to what they are doing. “I have no time for a life,” is a common complaint. “I can’t leave the business for one second,” is another. Still, they work 24/7 and spin their proverbial wheels taking care of ridiculous things that either their staffers or select freelances could do for them without a fuss. Every business owner should go with his or her strength. Case in point: if you’re a baker, bake. You should be coming up with new recipes and making sure your customers are happy. Never mind about ordering the pie boxes or running bake sale ads. That’s what you’ve hired a staff for. ¬†Of course, you have to keep your eye on things, but don’t lose focus and leave the baking to someone less qualified.

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