Targeting Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Including a social media element to your marketing program is essential. But if you solely depend on social media to bring in new business, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. True, social media—Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.—is a vital part of your overall plan, since it gets your foot in that proverbial door. By instituting an ongoing program, you can gain access to your target market, find new niche markets, enjoy new prospects, and improve your customer’s overall experience.  Remember, social media is a tool, which you should learn to use wisely. Think of it this way, when doing a home improvement project, you wouldn’t use a hammer, when the job calls for a wrench. Same holds true in social media … you have to know the job you’re trying to accomplish with your social media efforts. Keep your goals clearly in mind. Do you want to: Save  $$$ on advertising, increase sales, improve your visibility, offer better customer service, build trust and business relationships, or increase traffic to your site????? By knowing what you really want from your Social Media Marketing Tool … the more targeted and effective this piece of your marketing plan will be.

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