Your Webmaster is Gone … Now What?

The success of your Internet marketing efforts are determined by how much you—personally—are in control of your website. Imagine this scenario:  You’ve spent time and money on your website and it’s doing exactly what you wanted … pulling in new business. But you need to change and update it, and for whatever reason, you cannot get in touch with the person or company who built your site. OMG! Changes need to be made, which may include inventory pricing updates, new merchandise, new services, new phone numbers … and your webmaster is no where to be found. What can be done? Well, if you come against this type of situation, our tech experts say there is very little you can do without certain “keys” to gain access to your site.

Here’s a word to the wise: Know exactly what goes on with your site, know the codes, know the passwords, know which host you’re using. Know everything! Make sure you have access to the following:

  • Original website design files, including images, photos and logos;
  • Website hosting login information;
  • Backups of all content, pages and HTML code;
  • Domain names logins and registration IN YOUR NAME;
  • Additional logins or passwords.

—Trisha McMahon


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